Saturday, January 23, 2010

"WORD without WORDS..."

It Cathy Stoddart from AGH, Cece asked me to add to the blog if we were in touch with the other AGH Nurses or SEIU nurses and Docs in Haiti. I will share information when they text.

Some of the information is coming through the four nurses who have traveled with them from SEIU Local 1991 in Florida, whom they had bonded with on the tarmac as they waited last Thursday to leave from Florida.

They tell us that this was an ordeal in and of itself, as they were told they had to have only 3 total pieces of luggage between the 8 of them," Combining your personals bonds a group" Ashley Scott told us. Danielle's luggage had already been lost by the airline from Pittsburgh. They ended up being able to take all of their belongings, I am told it was because of the groups unwavering determination.

It seems that the AGH nurses and the Florida nurses are assigned at St. Damien's hospital. Danielle Thompson from NICU, Tiffany Hamilton from MICU , and Ashley Scott from CCU from AGH are very tired.
I am told that they are all working the night shift.

They have been texting and we are told that they are sleeping inside (which is better than on the roof) but in the day it is deadly hot and noisy. They are in a secure compound and have about 3 hours of free time a day.

They had to hitch a ride from the airport with a transport. We gather that it was a difficult ride. It would have been their first look at the devastation in Haiti.

They have failed to tell us the kind of work they are doing in any detail which weighs on our minds, making us think that there are not words to described what they are seeing and doing......our nursing hero's.....

"Pray for all of the Nurses and Doctors"
"Pray for Haiti"


BonnieBigSister said...

Thank you for keeping us updated ... we'll have lots of questions when Cece gets home. In the meantime, we are keeping all in our thoughts and prayers.

danidee96 said...

Dear Cece, John and Kathy,

Sorry we didn't respond sooner. Everything here at St. Damiens Hospital is going well. Danielle, Tiffany and I have been predominately on the night shift here, but have also gone out into the community with some of the doctors here to help see patients in the makeshift clinics. We have been working in post-op both adult and pediatric, post-partum, and the ED. Pretty much wherever they have needed a helping hand we have gone. The patient population here was a equal mixture of both adults and children, but as the days have gone by and the hospital begins to return to normal, there is an larger increase in children we are seeing. This is quite a learning experince for us as our specialties back home all revolve around adults. We have each had moments of sorrow and happiness, as we have seen lives saved and unfotunately lives lost. However we are all of the mindset that if we can bring some happiness or relief to at least one patient each day than it is all worthwhile. Most importantly we are all in awe of the perservernace and strength we have witnessed by the Haitian people during this tragedy. They are OUR heros. Stay safe and God Bless!

Ashley Scott, Danielle Thompson, Tiffany Hamilton