Saturday, January 30, 2010

Message for Fred

Hi Fred,

If you read this (and you'd better!) please respond and let me know how a few things are going at home:

1. Did Freddie's car insurance get paid?

2. Is Dan's trip to Snowshoe on or off? I'd kind of like something to look forward to.

3. Please don't forget to check the home email account. I just looked at it and there are like 123 unread messages. Most of them are unimportant, I'm sure, but some may need attention. Like that car insurance thing.

I'm feeling much better this afternoon and plan to be back in the saddle, so to speak, tomorrow morning.

And Tara, when you read this, you might want to give Uncle Fred a heads-up that I've written to him.... Thanks!

Love you all!



BonnieBigSister said...

Wow, Cece! Thanks for all of the wonderful, informative posts. Now we have a real idea of how you and the other workers are living. There are lots of "Help Haiti" projects here, from schools to churches to grocery stores! Today Tom and I were at Wal-Mart where a group was collecting for the Haitian orphans. I tell everyone I donated my sister (kind of)! We all are proud of you! Be safe! Drink water!

DiedraC said...

Hi Cece! Kaylie asked me today how Mrs. Cece is doing - she remembered you went to Haiti and is concerned. I showed her some pictures and she got a little worried, but I told her you are helping people. That made her smile. Home is cold, but can't complain given your situation. We are very proud of you and all the volunteers! Keep up the good work!