Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Departure news

I am waiting to hear my travel plans. I've been told that I will be travelling commercial to Chicago, spending the night there (hey John G, are ya home???) and then on to Haiti early tomorrow morning.

I have packed one checked bag, a carryon and a "personal bag" with hopefully everything I'll need. I only have to take food for 3 days, not two weeks as originally requested and I'll be sleeping indoors (they tell me) so we can skip the tents. Woo hoo! I'm no camper!

***A quick pause to thank Pauline for her packing skills; she taught me that there's ALWAYS more room. (Next time, Bali! I can pack much lighter!) Merci, Pauline!***

And on the subject of thanking, there are a few I absolutely HAVE to acknowledge:

Fred. Who, when I said to him Sunday night, "If they call, I'm going" said that he expected me to. Thank you for your encouragment and the belief that I have something to offer.

Freddie. Who located two Steelers lighters so I can adequately represent the 'burgh. Thank you!

Daniel. Who gathered a bag of Beanie Babies that I don't have room to take and from whom I could learn many lessons in patience and being kind to people. Thank you!

My siblings, Bonnie, Diane, Betty and John, who love me even if they don't understand me. And Michelle goes in that group.

The good folks at SEIU, including John Ziegler, who will be traveling with me; Valerie Tate and Mandy, who patiently answer my questions; and Cathy Stoddart, who got this all rolling.

My boss, Linda. Thanks for giving me the green light. And Judy Zedreck: see ya in Haiti, girl! Bring your workin' pants!

Many more too numerous to mention, but who include Freddie's anonymous friend from the web who filled my list last night, and the anonymous guy at Quaker Steak & Lube who handed Bob Mc. a $50 bill to pass along to me.

Will write more later. Love you all!

Pray for Haiti!

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