Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Prayer After the Earthquake in Haiti

(This prayer was written and copyrighted by Diana Macalintal, Dicoese of San Jose. It was distributed at St. Ferdinand Church, my parish, in Cranberry Twp. PA. Diana, I hope you don't mind if I reprint this; I'm acting on the belief that sometimes, it's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission. Sorry I don't have time for permission first.

Readers, these are ALL Diana's words, not mine; the typos, if any, are my fault. If you want to share or forward this prayer, please be sure to credit Diana. And Diana, if this causes a problem, have your diocese call my diocese and we'll work it out. In a few weeks. Meanwhile, I carry your prayer in my journal; we leave for Haiti tomorrow. Thank you for your beautiful words.)

Lord, at times such as this,
when we realize that the ground beneath our feet is not as solid as we had imagined,
we plead for your mercy.

As the things we have built crumble about us,
we know too well how small we truly are
on this ever-changing, ever-moving, fragile planet we call home.
Yet you have promised never to forget us.

Do not forget us now.

Today, so many people are afraid.
They wait in fear of the next tremor.
They hear the cries of the injured amid the rubble.
They roam the streets in shock at what they see.
And they fill the dusty air with wails of grief and the names of missing dead.

Comfort them, Lord, in this disaster.
Be their rock when the earth refuses to stand still,
and shelter them under your wings when homes no longer exist.

Embrace in your arms those who died so suddenly this day.
Consold the hearts of those who morun, and ease the pain of bodies on the brink of death.

Pierce, too, our hears with compassion, we who watch from afar,
as the poorest on this side of the earth find only misery upon misery.
Move us to act swiftly this day, to give generously every day,
to work for justice always, and to pray unceasingly for those without hope.

And once the shaking has ceased,
the images of destruction have stopped filling the news,
and our thoughts return to life's daily rumblings,
let us not forget that we are all your children and they, our brothers and sisters.
We are all the work of your hands.

For though the mountains leave their place and the hills be tossed to the ground,
your love shall never leave us, and your promise of peace will never be shaken.

Oour help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
Blessed be the name of the Lord, now and forever. Amen.

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