Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pictures! (I hope)

Sorry if these pictures are out of order... or sideways! I don't have the hang of this computer, or blogging. Hey, I'm doing the best that I can! This is me with my interpreter, Shiloh, on the street in Bolosse. Bolosse is about 1/2 mile from University Hospital, where IMC is headquartered and where the inpatient units are. Shiloh grew up in Bolosse and so he knows the area well, and is also well-known there. He is 25 years old, and his mother died of some disease many years ago. His father was killed in an accident. He and his sister survived the earthquake, and their house is still standing. But like all Haitians affected by the quake, they sleep outdoors every night. The government is telling them (on radio and TV) to sleep outside, away from buildings, for at least a month. This is probably very good advice, since many buildings which appear sound actually have structural damage and occasionally one of them will collapse. I asked Shiloh when he thinks the people will be ready to sleep inside, and he answered, "Only God knows." So, by 7:30 each night, the streets are filled with people trying to sleep. It's very dark in the neighborhoods, as there is still no power. Shiloh's motto is "Each one for each one," which means that we all have to help each other in life. Not a bad motto. He was a student at a school for mechanics at one time, but had to quit because he could no longer afford to go. I feel totally safe wherever I go with Shiloh. I have no doubt that he would take a bullet for me; he is very protective. This is our group at O'Hare the morning of our departure for Haiti. L to R: John Ziegler (AGH RN in SICU, and SEIU member), Mary Choi (MD from Columbia University), Brian Crawford (ED MD from Colorado), Ayman Yassa (ED MD from Columbia), Bindy Crouch (family practice MD from NY, and SEIU member), Dan Tsze (Peds ED MD from Columbia), and Micaela "Mika" Godzich (family practice MD from Contra Costa); front, me and Nicole Victor (RN from Miami, grew up in Haiti, and SEIU member). Interestingly, Nicole (who is one of my roommates) was born at University Hospital and baptized in the Catholic Church which is on the grounds. The church was badly damaged in the quake and can no longer be used; we had been hoping to go to Mass there but that is not an option.
This is one of countless scenes we have seen since arriving. I know you've all seen countless images on the news; it's so sad to see them in person.

And one more, for now:

John and I share a beer at Harry Carey's restaurant in Chicago. We believe that this is the last cold beer we will have until we get home.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. I finally have a picture of my daughter, Mika and of her generous and committed team.