Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So it looks as though our departure will be delayed, for at least a day.

That's good, because now I'll have time to finish the laundry, pay my bills, pay Mom's bills, pack, and collect my thoughts.

That's bad, because the need in Haiti is so great.

But hey, the REALLY good news for YOU is that I'll have a little more time to blog about our preparations!

First things first, though. I'm off to Bunco. I need a little "girl time." Here's a photo from a Halloween bunco a few years ago. If you can't figure it out, I went as my dog, Malcolm. That's Lisa with me. Just off the boat from some cruise or other. Love ya, girl!

Love you all, in fact.

Pray for Haiti.


maria kovalenko leysens said...

You are amazing! God bless!

Peggy said...

I know you will do so much good. Can't wait to hear all about it. I wish I could go with you! Take care of yourself!

Pauline said...

Go for it!!!! It's not Bali but it will do ( just funny for the ones in the know about Bali)!

Fondly. Pauline

ksarnowski said...

I'm officially all signed up as a 'Follower' - my first foray into the blogosphere.

You're making us all very proud!

BonnieBigSister said...

Cece, we are all with you in our hearts ... prayers are streaming your way. BTW, if you are middle-aged, what am I??

Judy said...

Our hearts are with you as you begin your endeavor. I can just visualize how charged up and ready to go you must be....to make a difference in the lives of many. Many prayers are being sent your way.

John said...

This is John, Cece's brother. Cece, I don't know if you received the voice mail I left for you last night, but I just wanted to let you know that I'll be thinking about you everyday and praying for you and those in Haiti that so desparately need your help.

I thank God for you and for people such as yourself who have the ability and courage to do what you are about to do!

God speed to you and those you are going with!