Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday 1/26 frtle4om John

(A quick word from Cece before John starts... PBS did a piece, and I'm included on the tail end. was on telly tonight; tomorrow will be posted at newshour.pbs.org. Let me know how it looks! xo,Cece)

A litttle longer word from John. First in case I can't finish Steph I miss you and hope you are okay. I am sure macy misses me . Where has Kiwi been sleeping and how is every one else.
I have been working in for room medical surgical ward. Aptly calledthe ward. it has four rooms with no full walls rooms divided into areas by 3 foot walls. At one end there are windows but no glass bars and steel wire not screen. Our area has. the no running water or bathrooms . The lighting is two four foot flourescnts it is always dark for alot of work you need to wear a headlight. Luckily it has been sunny and without ran. It is getting better today we had four doctors and four nurses and some other volunteers and a couple of native nurses to care for our beds at capacity not counting the hall that is 64. Three days ago we had two doctors and three nurses. This morning when we got there our supplies had been raided and we were out of IV solution and had one box of gloves. not real cool with no running water. The Haitians amaze me. They are so resilent. I would give an example but it is late and I need to tog et to bed. I am sure CeCe has shown that before I have not seen her blog. So that is all for now.

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john said...

Hi cece & john,hope all is well with the.2 of you.read th blog from Tues. i say prayers every night for u guys.please tell john I love him. Take care. Stephanie