Saturday, January 30, 2010

Message for Stephanie

Hi Stephanie,

First of all, let me say a big "thank you" for loaning John to the relief effort in Haiti. He's a great travelling companion, and has looked in on me as I recover from my bout of ickiness.

John is worried about you, and worried that you are worrying too much. Oy, the worries! But please have faith that we are all looking out for each other here. Never for a minute have I felt unsafe, and I think that John feels the same way.

John will probably be back from the hospital around 5:30 tonight. He's going to find me as soon as he gets here, and have some quality time with this laptop before it goes back to Marie. So look for a message from him later today.


1 comment:

john said...

Thank for the message cece.I just wish he would have saved 2 lines to talk to me. I wasn"t too worried. I pray alot for you,john and 4 everyone,That helps alot. now I am a little worried that he did'nt enen say a word to me or the pets! you guys keep strong & be safe. stephanie