Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In between errands

I have just a minute at home; it's amazing, the errands to do and the limited time to do them. And yet, whatever I accomplish (or whatever I don't!), I get on a plane tomorrow.

Still no details about my flight yet. Will keep you updated.

(Tara... thank you for joining! I thought I'd be hollering into empty space.)

Some things that have happened since yesterday morning:

I prayed for a parking spot near my lawyer's office, so I could run in and sign the power of attorney papers for Mom. (If you know Washington Road in Mt. Lebanon, you know that prayer is about the only way to get a parking spot!) Well, a spot opened up directly in front of the office.

And then, last night, I counted my Nexium to see if I had enough to get through a 14-day trip. How many do you think I have? 14! Woo hoo! No MRE-induced heartburn for me!

Other little, amazing "coincidences" continue to occur. For the record, I don't believe in coincidence. (I highly recommend the book "When God Winks" by Squire D. Rushnell.)

And donations continue: Thank you to to all who have stepped up so far today (especially Stacy L.). Wish I could thank everyone; I don't want to forget anyone, so I probably won't list names but you know who you are!

Will write more later. Love you all.

Pray for Haiti.


Tara said...

Prayers to you, all the aid workers, and to Haiti. Come home safe!!

love ya!

John Munsie said...

Good luck Cece, hope to right behind you, waiting on passport.
Stay safe!

Dianezl said...

Did I ever mention how proud I am to be your sister? Keep yourself safe and know you are in our prayers. Loveya!