Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good morning, all!

I'm taking the day off today, and have borrowed a laptop from Marie, one of the doctors here. A little about Marie: she is from Haiti, and is an infectious disease specialist in the US. (No, Stacy, I don't know where, but I will find out.) Marie left for the US after graduating from high school in Port-au-Prince, the city where we are working. She still has a house here, and her immediate family is okay, but as far as her extended family and friends go, she has no idea who has survived and who has perished. It is very hard on her, but Marie is doing her best to help her country. She is running a mobile clinic (similar to mine) in an area called Petionville. This is actually a country club and I hear that in better days that area is quite beautiful; but since the earthquake, many displaced persons have camped there (on the golf course and grounds of the country club) and they need medical care. Marie told me last night that the owners of the country club have expressed the desire to have the DPs (displaced persons) relocated so that they can try to get the club running again... but where will everyone go?

Rather than send one long blog today, I will be sending a series of short blogs. The internet is very unreliable here (especially once the CNN people get out of bed and log on) and one big message I composed a few nights ago just disappeared when I got kicked off. So look for more from me as the day goes on, and I will also try to send pictures.

Love to all,
and please keep praying for Haiti.


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