Monday, January 18, 2010

Amazing people

I have some truly amazing friends.

At tonight's general meeting of the Seneca Valley Lacrosse Association, I had the opportunity to tell the group of my pending trip to Haiti. I gently (I hope!) asked for donations to support our trip and before the night was out, I had several cases of water in my home, a fistful of cash which I will use to buy supplies, and a big bag of waterless hand sanitizer as well as alcohol and other items. More to come tomorrow, including a tent and mats to sleep on.

There are no people like lacrosse people! Thank you all, friends!

And maybe there are people like lacrosse people... thank you to Diane and David for the donation of two cases MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). I guess there are good people everywhere...

Tomorrow, I shop. We need to take enough food and water for our length of stay. My shopping list includes peanut butter, tuna in bags, more hand sanitizer, more water. Whatever I can find at Giant Eagle and Costco to get me through the next two weeks, for it looks as though I will be gone at least that long.

Whatever we don't use on our trip will be left behind for those who follow us.

I can't share more details about the trip just yet, but will try to post additional messages before I go. And I am aware that once I get to Haiti, I may not be able to post at all. But I'll give it my best shot.

Do you want to help? First of all, I'm new at blogging. If you want to encourage me at all, respond to my post to let me know you're out there!

And if you STILL want to help, what is needed at this point are cash donations. The Red Cross and Doctors without Borders are two wonderful, reliable organizations. Also, two organizations which are supporting our trip are International Medical Corps ( and Partners in Health ( They could all use your support.

I love you all.

Please pray for Haiti.

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michael said...

stay safe, aunt cece! though i think the toughest part will be forging through those MREs. watch out for the high calorie gut-bomb bar.