Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PBS video

Here is the video Cece was talking about - very interesting! She is in the last minute or so, but I encourage you to watch it all.


Pray for Haiti.


BonnieBigSister said...

Hi Cece,

Watched the entire video. Very helpful in seeing what's happening. You look beautiful and busy!

Love and prayers to you all ...

ally said...

Hi Aunt Cece,

I hope your doing well! See you when we go to Pittsburgh!!!!!!!!!!!

~Ally Zimmerman

MichelleP said...

Hi Cece - I did watch the entire video... Unbelievable... you looked tired but happy to be able to help and even without mascara you looked good. Miss Ya!

tvheaven said...

yay aunt cece! you look like you're keeping healthy and positive.


Anonymous said...

Nice "fanny pack" Aunt Cece!