Saturday, January 30, 2010

To Stephanie from Haiti

We are still mostly working in the dark with no running water. Working in three languages english french and spanish. We our transitioning care to Haitians. Yesterday I had a wonderful haitian nurse Ananille she did and charted today the one nurse showed up for about an hour and then I did not see her again. At the start of the day due to team transitons and other non IMC nurses that were there yesterday and did not show up today as expected In the morning I was the only nurse for several hours for 50 patients.Relief showed up by around, ten when two nurses from another volunteer group arrived. The Haitins and brazilians were there earlier but it is not the same. Dr Joe from Brazil I have great respect for he has come baack three days in a row. In the ward no one but Rick Rn, Dr Ian, and Julie Rn has taken it longer. I want to give an accolade for Rick and Julie RN and Drs Henry and Ian. I will never forget our first days in the ward. Here Iam RN, supply, maintainence, transort, IV team, and pharmacy in three maybe more languages I refuse to pick up meds labeled in chinese, and bed controlToday relief arrived in two volunteer nurses and there creole american interperter from Utah. they saved me. I was ready to slash my throat. I choked back tears and was speechless when they asked me what they wanted to do. We got through the day. There is still little care at night. No matter what I say or tell you will convey the suffering in Haiti and the suffering and need that is going to exist for a very long time. John Z


john said...

h.i cece and john.fianaly i get a note from john.nice hearing from john.I am glad that you r surviving o.k.but I did'nt even get an I love you! that"s o.k. love, stephanie

FVP said...

Cece...We need to discuss your return arrangements. Please call me at 724-272-0015


nedart said...

Hi Cece,
I just read through the whole blog. Thank you for sharing feelings and pictures.
I continue to pray for Haiti --- and will continue.
It will be good to get you home.

Much love,