Friday, January 22, 2010

5,000 divided by 2.....

Heard from Cece this evening - I will post her text messages below, then give you my interpretation..

"Using borrowed phone to text. All is well, busy day."

"We started clinic in area with 5000 people and are only medical team there. Me and doc and translator. Wonderful people, many still with injuries, lots of sick kids. Tired but glad to be here. Missing some team members who were on another plane, is there any word?"

"Hotel even has pool, but not too clean. We live in luxury compared to others. Going to sleep now, love you all"

Utilizing Cece's skills, she and the doc (with the help of the translator) are in charge of setting up a clinic to determine treatment. Kind of like triage, I would imagine. If any of you reading this have insight in this, please feel free to post for the rest of us! This blog is not only about Cece, but also about awareness for Haiti and it's people, and the work going on there. After talking with Cathy (nurse at SEIU), we have found that 3 other nurses (who Cece asked about) are all safe at St. Damien's Hospital, working primarily with ICU kids and adults.

Will keep everyone updated as I learn more.

Pray for Cece.
Pray for Haiti!

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john said...

hi cece and john,hope thins r well. I still miss you john.
we are all o.k.
i wish i had an idea of when u will be back.

cathy told me 3 weeks.

That is all that i have heard.let me know somehow if u can. xoxoxox love stephanie