Thursday, January 21, 2010


Just a quick update:

Fred got a call from Cece - they have arrived safely. There was a slight change in plans, and they are now staying in a secured hotel and working in a secured hospital (don't know the name of the hospital at this moment). Will let you know when I hear more.

Pray for Cece.
Pray for Haiti.


sarabonnie said...

Thanks to whoever is keeping us informed ... Tara? I am almost afraid to look at the hospital pictures (retired nurse that I am), but I will spend my time and energy praying for the safety of Cece and her co-workers and the healing of the sick and hurt in poor Haiti.

Michelle @ seiu said...

Bless you, Cece. It's Michelle from SEIU and we are all so proud of what you are doing. Be safe.

nedart said...

Hi Cece,
So glad to know that you are safely there in Haiti.
Last night in church at our Testimony meeting, I told the group of your trip, and the need for prayerful support. When I announced the last hymn I suggested that we sing it to Haiti.
Here are the words we sang:

HYMN 204
Christian Science Hymnal

O Father, Thy kingdom is come upon earth,
Thou rulest in all Thy creation;
Thou sendest Thy witnesses, telling Thy worth,
To call and entreat every nation,
With news of Thy mighty salvation.

They lift up a light amid shadows of fear,
And Love is Thy banner above them;
No trouble shall touch them, no foes that appear
Shall e'er from their loyalty move them;
'Tis Thou dost uphold and approve them.

They go in Thy strength, and they speak in Thy name,
With power of Thy promise forth faring,
And during the battle the victory claim, —
Their trust in Thy truth is their daring,
Salvation to all men declaring.


Much love to you,

Anonymous said...

Cece - or Cecee as they called you on the news - glad to hear you made it safely. You go girl and do your thing. We will be praying for you, John and especially Haiti.

Tara said...

Yes, it's me posting the updates. I believe another friend may do so as well, but so far it's just me. I haven't heard any news since the last post. As soon as I hear anything I will post it.


gemini01 said...

Cece - this is Michelle P - I was the anonymous comment. I didn't know how to get my name in there so I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. Good Luck and looking forward to reading your blog. LoveYa

Carol said...


Be safe and help those people like I know you can. Love you.

MARCOS said...


We are thinking of you round the clock here at SEIU. Your story was told at the IEB meeting. What ever you need let us know. We're proud of you.

Marcos Vilar

meiserb said...

Cece, you are in our thoughts and prayers always. Mom is doing fine.
Keep safe. Love, Betts