Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hi all! John and I will be heading out today. The initial plan was to have us on a flight out of Port au Prince to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic earlier this morning. Now, we are waiting at the hotel till about 12:30, at which time we fly (helicopter, I think) to Santo Domingo.

We will stay overnight there, and fly home tomorrow. Fred and Stephanie, we don't have specific flight info yet but I'm sure we'll be able to find a computer in Santo Domingo and will update you tonight. Sure would be nice if we had warm coats waiting at the airport! And Fred.... shoes and socks please!

We love all of you who have been following our travels. I plan to blog more tonight, and after I get home.

Much love, and thanks for your prayers and support,

Cece and John


Shari said...

You and your co-workers/ volunteers are truly amazing. Your love and strength through this amazing experience has been truly inspirational. Many of us can only imagine what this trip was like for you, and how it will change your life for a long time to come. You are our hero--look forward to seeing you at home.

genejudy said...


Safe travels to you and John.


leslie said...

So proud of your work there! I can't wait to backtrack on the blog for details. Safe travels home--hope to see you soon and hear your stories, 'uncle' John!! **Leslie

Cathy said...

Cece and John,

You two represent our profession at it's best in Haiti and at home at AGH.

I look forward to hearing what you hold in your heart from this mission.

I pray that you both will be filled with the peace you deserve upon return from Haiti.

I am also praying for blessings back to you ten fold, for the sharing of your gifts of health care service, to a country, and a people, who were in such desperate need of it.