Monday, February 15, 2010

Wrapping it up

It's been eleven days since I left Port-au-Prince; ten days since I arrived home. Plenty of time to reflect on my time in Haiti, right?

Probably not. I don't think that I'll be able to digest the entire experience for quite some time. Compounding my disorientation (it really feels as though Haiti is on a different planet, on the other side of a time warp) was Mom's death. Sometimes I start crying for no reason. Other times, I know the reason: there is so much to be sad about, both in my life and in Haiti. But still, there is much to do and much to be glad about.

There are a few things that I'd like to share with you, before I close out this blog. One is a series of articles published in the Valley News, in New Hampshire. Here's a link: If you follow the link to the article titled "Building Trust," you'll learn more about the clinic in Bolosse. Many thanks to Gregory Trotter and Jason Johns for this eloquent, insightful series. (Does anyone know how to recommend someone for a Pulitzer prize?)

There is another group of nurses from Allegheny General Hospital leaving for Haiti in two days. A huge part of me envies them; it would be wonderful to go back. But for right now, my family needs me (I like to think) and I need to spend more time recovering from the trip, and from the loss of my mother while I was gone.

I'd like to thank you all for following along on my journey. I always felt as though I had a cloak of prayer and friendship around me; I know that was you, keeping me in your thoughts.

Please, pray for Haiti.

Love you all,


BonnieBigSister said...

Thanks, Cece, for bringing us along on your journey of mercy. We know that you accomplished a lot ... and that Mother is now watching over us saying "Good enough!" and "Don't get old!" Love and hugs for being who you are!

tvheaven said...

aunt cece, it was so good seeing you in PIT, even under the circumstances. thank you for sharing so much of your haiti mission with us. i know grandma is happy (in her own way) about you carrying on the zimmerman nursing tradition. it was good to see all of you and connect with freddy and daniel.